Package Design / Jerry Chen's Whiskey

This was a fun project! Working closely with the Greylock Partners design team, I helped design the label for their giveaway during an investor event, "Jerry Chen's Sand Hill Straight Bourbon Whiskey". The subtle background was also a challenge, making that "Old school" pen and ink look for the aging barrels as well as the Greylock Partners building (not pictured). The label was to replace the "Maker's Mark" label on a 375ml label. The hardest part was getting the measurements accurate for the wrap around label. One way that art school paid off!

Whiskey Display 1
Whiskey Display 2
Whiskey Display 3
Whiskey Display 4
  • Client Name
    • Greylock Partners, Menlo Park CA
  • Timeline
    • March-May 2016
  • Role
    • Conceptual Designer, Production Designer
  • Target Market
    • Entrepreneurs, Product Managers
  • Tools Used
    • illustrator icon illustrator icon

Client Quote:

Greatest swag of all time! - Elisa Schrieber, Marketing Partner


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