Promotional Marketing - All West Lacrosse

From 2013-2016, I served as the in-house Creative Director and Design Lead for All West Lacrosse. One of the main points of emphasis was marketing our successful product to our target market; Players, coaches, parents and fans looking to compete and learn the game of lacrosse. Working closely with both the COO and the Marketing Director, we would outline upcoming events and offerings and strategize the most effective way of presenting them. My role was to create the layouts, most often first using a quick wireframe mock up, and put together a visual plan based on the marketing teams input. The end result would be a weekly 800x600 mailer that would be sent to our mailing list.

AWL Promo 1
AWL Promo 2
AWL Promo 3
AWL Promo 4
AWL Promo 5
AWL Promo 6
  • Client Name
    • All West Lacrosse*
    • *Full Time Employee
  • Timeline
    • January 2013-September 2016
  • Role
    • Visual Design, Layout, Marketing, E-Mail
  • Target Market
    • Lacrosse players, parents, coaches and fans in the Bay Area Area
  • Tools Used
    • photoshop icon indesign icon indesign lightroom

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